about stephen francis atelier

We truly love what we do, every day!

Make it meaningful.

Stephen Francis Atelier believe that people connect with brands that stand for something. Incredible things can happen when you let truth, meaning and purpose guide your efforts. Hence we respect the qualities and virtues that make our partners who they are. That’s what makes SF Atelier who we are.

Relentlessly pursue the solution.

Tenacious, scrappy, fiercely loyal—they’re all badges we wear with pride. We love big, complex challenges and attack them with heart and resolve. At SF Atelier we love getting our hands dirty, living and breathing the brands we work with. Because we look for passion and determination in our partners, we therefore expect to be held to the same standard.

Just imagine.

Creativity is present in everything we do, and is not at all restricted to the department that bears its name. SF Atelier is curious, crafty, experimental and disruptive thinkers. Furthermore we know that a great idea can come from anywhere, and can take many forms. With fearless imagination, we consistently arrive at breakthrough ideas and uncover new opportunities.

Play nice & share.

Together, we are far greater than the sum of our parts. Above all we lift each other up. Stephen Francis Atelier listen. We allow ideas to collide, reform, catalyze and grow through the power of collaboration. SF Atelier embrace both the serendipitous moments and strokes of genius that arrive through true collaboration, sharpening every effort and providing meaningful value.

Keep growing.

Concequently we’re always growing—in knowledge, depth, talent, experience, expertise. Not necessarily in size. We evolve. We adapt. We’re agile. We think proactively and create growth for our partners. We’re not happy unless we produce results or solve a problem. Therefore we promote growth within our walls and foster an atmosphere of constant development.


Brands we’ve worked with

We help small businesses achieve brand visibility through comprehesive graphic design and brand strategies without inflated agency fees.